Nature means different things to different people. I used to think of nature as a place of chirping birds, fresh air and intriguing things to be discovered, but now I feel a deeper connection.

It now seems strange to think of nature as having boundaries, a line where nature begins and other things end. Nature can’t be separated into parks and enclosures, away from things which aren’t nature. Nature finds itself everywhere. Nature just is. We are part of nature. It doesn’t take much to observe nature, to discover the clues and the parallels with our own lives, to find that we aren’t so different after all.

I have written the following poem to express the way I feel about nature, it was inspired by Australia’s southern landscapes, the landscapes I consider home and in a way, family.

Nature sways with inspiration,
reflecting ourselves, she is our teacher.
She shares our struggles and changing moods,
soaks in, adapts;
the dew falls upon her.
A fiery day withers and creaks,
and into our soul directly she speaks.

John Hardiman
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