The Balliang Tree series began in August 2016 as heavy clouds were breaking and I couldn’t help feeling we’d both had the same kind of day. I began to wonder if we’d both had the same kind of year, so I continued to photograph the tree over the next twelve months to see where it would lead.

I was taken on a journey. A dry summer with overbearing heat, a lush and productive spring, fires in April and all manner of cloud formations morphing together as time slowed down. However the journey was also within.

Over time, the series came to reflect on the idea that some things in life will change while others remain the same. You may find something else inside, but for me this series poses the question ‘Where am I headed?’ a question I was grappling with at the time. I’ve moved on from that place now and have the tree to thank. I will continue to visit when I can and watch the world go by.

Behind the scenes…
The Balliang Tree series actually began in August, which may not be conventional but feels right anyway given it’s the month that I was born. You may notice the tree shows different gestures month by month, this was a result of photographing from different angles to align the tree and sky behind. The images have been edited to reflect my thoughts and experiences over the year.

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