My time in the Sanqingshan mountains was a life changing experience. I had never imagined peaks on such a scale before and can understand why the Chinese people consider it a sacred place.

Every day I walked the mountains, finding and following new paths which disappeared into thick persistent mists. I would be the first to venture out in the mornings and last to return after dark, soaked by constant drizzle.

I would walk for hours on my own, my mind wondering and completely in awe. When I met others, my Chinese words were inadequate for conversation, but it seemed the experience and presence of such an incredible place was all that really mattered.

A couple of weeks before I arriving I had never even heard of Sanqingshan. I had been in China on a work trip at a busy time in my life. Four days alone on the mountain changed me. Sanqingshan, I’m glad I found you.

John Hardiman
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