Mountain Ash

Mountain Ash are the tallest flowering trees in the world.  Reaching beyond 100 meters, they are surpassed only by North America’s Redwoods in height. They are native to Tasmania and Victoria in South Eastern Australia.  As a Victorian, I guess I’m lucky to have these giants around.  As a kid, these towering giants made me feel even smaller as they knocked and creaked in the breeze.  Their fresh scent giving way to a threatening roar as winds picked up and I found myself running for cover.

This photo was taken north east of Melbourne in the mountains surrounding the Yarra Valley, an area I often find difficult to photograph.  The visual complexity of the Aussie bush was simplified by rolling clouds, my preferred conditions!  Initially the light seemed too flat and the mist too heavy as I noticed a curled piece of bark waving gently in the breeze.   I shot five exposures before the light retreated slowly back into the canopy above.

(2022, Victoria)

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Timber frame, detail
John Hardiman
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