The aged, weathered and worn are often overlooked. Yet they are embedded with experiences, forgotten truth’s and links to our past, revealing insights into who we really are.


2022, Dandenongs, Victoria

Leaf litter in the Dandenongs
An arrangement in the leaf litter.

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Ocean jewellery

2019, Western Tasmania

Ocean Jewellery
Kelp remains on a west Tasmanian beach. Since the 1950’s, water temperatures have increased around Tasmania. The giant kelp forests which rely on cool nutrient rich water are now rapidly disappearing along with the habitat of many marine species.

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2019, Eastern Tasmania

A natural arrangement on Tassie’s eastern coastline

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Memories of a golden day

2019, Dandenongs, Victoria

Memories of a Golden Day

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Weathered Boat III

2018, Victoria

The ribs of an aging boat
The ribs of an aging boat, changing with time.  

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Weathered boat II


Weathered Boat II
Colours and textures in the old wooden boat

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Weathered boat I


Weathered Boat I
There’s an old boat on a beach I visit, it’s been there many years. This image won’t reveal the resting place, nor will it show the whole. But I feel it captures the soul, if only a boat could have one

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Light on a red door


Light on a Red Door
A moment defined in the passing of light

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Light on a white door


Light on a White Door

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John Hardiman
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