Eliot Falls, Cape York

Cape York is a long way north, it can be dusty and slow going. The rivers are full of crocodiles and the beaches aren’t necessarily much safer, so any place you can escape the heat is a welcome relief.

Eliot falls is like an oasis, no crocodiles and beautiful fresh water! Thankfully its location means that the volume of visitors is restrained and it doesn’t seem adversely affected by our human presence (so far), unlike many other natural areas.

I’m a little hesitant to share the location of places like this, it can lead to overcrowding and land degradation if a place catches on as a photographic ‘hotspot’, which is all too common in the current era of social media and not what photography should be about.

Photography is best when you discover a place for yourself, just as I arrived here without expectations, and what a pleasant surprise!

(2019, Cape York Queensland)

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Timber frame, detail
John Hardiman
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