Rural Spirit

Over time, our story is inscribed on the land and absorbed by those passing by, like a rural spirit, reflected in the forms of the landscape.

A gum in a paddock speaks of an era before the land was tilled. A weathered fence line of order and division, a foundation of our modern lives. A waterhole brings life and the earth provides nourishment as the seasons come and go.

We are shaped by the past and prepare for the future. Our character is found in the smallest of details and the largest of spaces. Our lives in the landscape are reflected in the landscape itself.

Murrindindi hills in fog

2022, Murrindindi, Victoria

Murrindindi hills in fog
A mesmerising morning

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Milawa moo

2021, Milawa, Victoria

Cow in fog

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Lovicks Hut

2019, Victorian High Country

Lovicks Hut
A reminder of the cattle grazing days in Victoria’s High Country.

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Cattle yards

2018, High Camp, Victoria

Cattle yard and tree in fog
Melbourne’s outer suburbs are gradually swallowing up rural life on the fringe as the concrete parade moves slowly outwards. I hope these cattle yards will remain for a while yet.

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A moment of warmth

2018, Victoria

Five Minute Morning
As I approached these hills just before sunrise I was convinced the sun wouldn’t shine. A layer of cloud had settled overnight and stretched as far as I could see. Fortunately, a small gap on the eastern horizon was enough to let the warmth pour through.

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Windmill and You Yangs

2017, Victoria

Field and sky came alive as the sun slid below the clouds, briefly, before disappearing behind the Brisbane Ranges to the West. This view looks towards the You Yangs from the north.

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Murrindindi mob

2016, Murrindindi, Victoria

Murrindindi Mob
If Australia was built on the sheep’s back, this must be Australia!

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Five cows near Bacchus Marsh

2016, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria

Five cows near Bacchus Marsh
Heat shimmers in the distance

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Lone windmill

2016, Yarra Valley, Victoria

Lone Windmill
The fog soon dissipated as sunshine filled the valley.

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Out west

2015, Balliang, Victoria

Out West, Balliang
I’ve passed this field in Balliang many times over the years, but this was the first time I felt compelled to stop. Everything came together as a couple of pluffy clouds entered from stage right and sunlight danced across the field.

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Yarra Valley mists

2015, Yarra Valley, Victoria

Yarra Valley Mists
I sometimes wonder if the cows appreciate a view as much as I do! So cheers to another gorgeous morning in the Yarra Valley as a waking sun illuminates the early mists.

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John Hardiman
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